7 top gamers who met PM Narendra Modi told their story, said that Indian culture can be seen in the game. prime minister narendra

India’s top gamers met PM Modi.Image Credit Source: youtube.com/narendermodi

Top players of India met PM Modi: Recently the Prime Minister had met with the top gamers of India. Its teaser video was also shared which was viewed by millions of people. Now its full video has been released. 7 Indian gamers met PM Modi and there was an interesting conversation between everyone about gaming. During this, gamers told PM Modi about their lives. Gamers told how they chose gaming as their career and what problems they faced in doing so.

Apart from this, gaming creators placed a special demand. He told PM Modi that game developers should make such games which reflect Indian culture. With this, people will be able to connect with the country even while playing games. PM Modi himself also played VR, PC, console and mobile games gaming Took experience of. Now let’s see what the gamers told PM Modi about themselves.

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1. Animesh Agarwal (8bitThug): 28 year old Animesh told that he is a resident of Guwahati, Assam. Animesh had reached CA finals, and had also given level one of CFA and FRM. He asked his parents to take a year’s break so that he could pursue gaming as a career. He started gaming in 2018.

Animesh Agarwal

When PM Modi asked him about the reaction of his family, Animesh told that he had studied and had a backup. If I couldn’t do anything in gaming, I would have continued studies. That’s why parents always supported. He said that my aim is to advance gaming in India. I should show the right direction to the youth who are following gaming.

2. Anshu Bisht: Anshu Bisht, resident of Haldwani, Nainital (Uttarakhand), said that he belongs to a lower middle class family. His father was a bus conductor in a private school for 30 years. In this way he taught Anshu and his sister. Anshu first taught tuitions, then made his own computer.

Anshu Bisht

He told that to increase viewership one has to do some shouting and acting. Anshu wanted to do something that would make the world applaud.

3. Naman Mathur (SoulMortal): Naman Mathur told that he grew up in Navi Mumbai. Naman was 4 years old when his father passed away, his mother raised him and his elder brother. His mother worked as a tiffin box service. In 2015, he got a mobile in his hands. He learned to play video games from YouTube. By 2018, he completed B.Com.

On the other hand, Mathur

Naman noticed that the comment section of all the popular foreign gamers was filled with comments from Indian users. He thought that he would also make such videos. In 2018 he uploaded a video which went viral. In 2018 he also started his own company.

4. Anklets: Payal Dhare started gaming much after the top gamers. She is India’s leading female gaming critter. Payal comes from a very small village. She is a resident of Chhindwara near Indore in Madhya Pradesh. He was interested in gaming from the beginning, but did not have the facility at home. There was no phone in her house even till 12th, so she used to try gaming here and there.

Payal Dhare

I got knowledge of gaming from there when my friend’s brother etc. used to go to cafes. The girls’ parents are a little nervous. If a girl does gaming then it is a very safe career. Payal tells that she also gets 100-200 messages from girls saying that we have started after seeing you.

5. Mithilesh Patankar (MythPat): Mithilesh Patankar has always tried to provide unique content. Mithilesh says that people like him because he presents content to the people by combining gaming, entertainment and mimicry. His effort was to create such content that even outsiders would appreciate it.

Mithilesh Patankar

Two years ago, Mithilesh was the only Indian to be nominated in the International category at a Streamy Award. This award show took place in Los Angeles, America. He received this award which brought a big opportunity for him.

6. Tirtha Mehta: Tirtha Mehta is a resident of Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat. Tirtha has been competing in a game called Hearthstone since 2014. PM Modi jokingly asked him where this disease came from in Bhuj.

Tirth Mehta

Tirtha tells that it is spread in every corner of the world. Initially people in Kutch did not recognize him but ever since he got the medal, people have started recognizing him.

7. Ganesh Gangadhar (Scrossie): Ganesh Gangadhar is a professional e-sports athlete, and hails from Bengaluru. He says that his friends introduced him to gaming in college. When he started playing the game, he started playing the game better than his peers.

Ganesh Gangadhar

He had to do something big. In 2017, at the age of 17, Ganesh represented India in Indonesia. Ganesh says that he fulfilled his parents’ dream through gaming.

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