AC Repairing: If the service center employee is not coming to repair the AC, then know where to complain. AC Repairing if AC Service

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Summer season has arrived, coolers and ACs have also started running in homes. There would be many people who would have lodged a complaint in the service center to get the AC repaired. Even after registering the complaint, the AC repairman has still not come to fix your AC, why are you worried? So let us know what you can do in this situation.

If your Window AC or Split AC gets damaged but your product is still under warranty? So you don’t need to take tension. If no one comes to repair the AC even after complaining, then in this case you will have to do some important work first.

AC Repair: AC not working properly? then do this work

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Whichever company your AC belongs to, first complain to the customer care of that company. The thing you should not forget after making a complaint is to ask the customer care for the complaint number before disconnecting the phone.

The person talking to the customer care may undoubtedly tell you that after the call is disconnected, you will get a message with the complaint number written on it, but you should still ask for the number and note the number down at one place.

Many times it happens that the message does not come, in such a situation you will have the complaint number written on it. Apart from complaining to customer care, you can also send your complaint by writing to the company’s official email ID.

AC Service Center: This is the last option left

If even after doing these two things you do not get any response and no one comes to solve your problem? Then the last option left is that you can file a complaint in the Consumer Court.

When no one listens, the customer is left with no other option but to go to the consumer court. By filing a complaint in the consumer court, you will get the benefit that your AC will not only be repaired, but at the same time, you can also demand compensation from the company through the court for the problems you have faced.

AC Repairing: Pay attention while filing complaint

When you call customer care, before the end of the call, a voice is heard informing you that your call may be recorded. You people should also do the same thing, whenever you register a complaint on customer care, make sure to record the call so that you have proof of registering the complaint.

You can file a complaint against the company by calling the number 1800114000 (National Consumer Helpline). By calling this helpline, you will not only register your complaint but you can also get advice regarding further action.

If you do not want to call, you can also send a message to 8800001915, you will get a call back. Apart from this, you can also register a complaint online by visiting

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