Alert: Do not pay heed to calls threatening to block your number, helpline will help in preventing fraud. Do not pay heed to calls

DOT has launched Sanchar Sathi portal to report cases of cyber fraud.

Many people receive a phone call in which it is said in a threatening manner that if you do not update KYC details within 24 hours, your mobile number will be blocked. Also, many times people are cheated through other types of fake calls. In such a situation, they face a problem as to where to complain. DOT (Department of Telecommunications) has issued advisory for all these. In which many alerts have been issued for mobile users.

If you are also a mobile user then you should read the advisory of DOT carefully. Here we are telling you about this in detail. In which, if you get a call for mobile number KYC, what to do and if you become a victim of any fraud, where to complain about it? If you want to be careful then you should read this news completely.

Call for KYC comes from this country’s code

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If you have received a call for mobile number KYC and you have noticed that the number coming in the call starts with +92. Let us tell you that this country code is of Pakistan. Where cyber thugs call you for mobile number KYC and as soon as you fall into their trap and do online KYC in the manner suggested by them, the details of your account reach them and within a moment they get your account. Let’s vacate.

make calls through whatsapp

With the help of WhatsApp you can make international calls. For this reason, cyber thugs sitting abroad make calls through WhatsApp to commit fraud. If you ever receive a call from a country code other than +91, you should not accept such a call. Let us tell you that recently calls are coming from +92, in which cyber thugs call for mobile number KYC.

Where to complain in case of fraud

DOT has launched Sancharsathi portal to report cyber fraud cases. Where any user who is a victim of fraud can login and complain. At the same time, DOT has advised not to share any information on calls coming from +92 code.

Apart from this, the Department of Telecommunications has started ‘Know Your Mobile Connections’ facility to prevent cyber crime and financial fraud. In which by visiting portal you can get information about the mobile number issued in your name and if any number has been issued without your knowledge then you can also get it switched. Let us tell you that DOT has already issued cyber helpline number 1930 and for mobile users to register complaints.

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