Amazing feature coming in Google Photos, the tension of Drive storage getting full quickly is over!

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Amazing feature coming in Google Photos

A new feature is going to be added to Google Photos soon, which can eliminate a lot of tension of the users. Through Google Photos, photos of users’ smartphones are uploaded to Google Drive cloud storage, due to which the storage gets full quickly. This new feature of Google Photos can reduce the tension of users about storage being full. This feature of Google Photos is currently seen in beta version.

Storage Saver feature coming

Google can provide relief to its users through this new feature. This feature has been seen in the name of ‘Storage Saver’. This feature will compress the photos and media files uploaded by the users, due to which the storage of Google Drive can be freed up. According to PiunkiaWeb, this feature of Google Photos has been seen in version 6.78 with recovered storage option. This feature has been found in the hidden codes of Google Photos.

According to the screenshot shared by the tipster on the social media platform, users can see this feature in the Manage Storage menu of Google Photos along with the Recover Storage header. In this option, a new option named Convert Photos to Storage Saver will appear, which will convert the existing original quality to Storage Saver quality. Due to this, the file size of the photo which takes up more space can be reduced by compressing it.

15GB free storage

Let us tell you that in Google Photos app, users keep their memories safe. 15GB cloud storage is provided for free in Google Drive. To ensure that the storage is full, users have to switch to Google One subscription plan. Along with photos, Gmail and other files are saved in Google Drive. After the storage becomes full, users also face problems in receiving mails on their e-mails.

However, the device’s photos and other media files can be uploaded to Google’s cloud storage only after turning on the photo upload feature in the settings of Google Photos. After disabling this feature, the files on the user’s device are not uploaded to Google Drive. After the introduction of this feature, users will no longer have the tension of quad storage getting full quickly.

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