Android 15 is going to be launched! Beta One version released, strong features will be available in these phones

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Smartphone users will get a new experience with Android 15.

If you use a smartphone then there is good news for you. If you use Android smartphone then very soon your experience of using your phone is going to change. Tech giant Google has brought a big update for its Android users. Google has released the first beta update of Android 15.

Let us tell you that Google’s upcoming annual event Google I/O 2024 is to be held next month in May. It was expected that the company would release the first beta update of Android 15 in this event but Google has launched it a month in advance. This was a big surprise for smartphone users from Google.

Let us tell you that Google had kept Android 15 in developers preview for the last several weeks. Now it has been released for beta testers. If you also want to use the features of Android 15, then let us tell you that the company has just released it only for Google Pixel smartphones.

Android 15 Beta version will be available in these phones

  1. google pixel 6
  2. google pixel 6 pro
  3. google pixel 6a
  4. google pixel 7
  5. google pixel 7 pro
  6. google pixel 7 pro
  7. google pixel 7a
  8. google pixel fold
  9. google pixel tablet
  10. google pixel 8
  11. google pixel 8 pro

Features of Android 15 Beta version

Let us tell you that fans are eagerly waiting for Android 15 beta version. Users are going to get many powerful features in the upcoming Android operating system. After the arrival of Android 15 update, users will not need to uninstall any app. Smartphones users can archive apps. With the help of this feature, it will help users to save space on iPhone.

Users are going to get a very special feature in Android 15. After this update, no app in the phone will open in window style but the app will open in full screen. This will give a new experience to the users. Along with this, users will also get a different type of display look.

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