Another interesting feature is coming in WhatsApp, you will know the online status of your friends instantly.

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Another interesting feature is coming in WhatsApp, which will tell you about the online status of your friends. At present it is not known who among your contacts is online and who is not. When WhatsApp was launched, the online status of contacts was visible. Now WhatsApp is going to bring it in a new way. This feature of WhatsApp has recently been seen in beta version.

Recently Online Feature

WhatsApp is testing this feature called ‘Recently Online’. This feature has been seen in Android beta version This feature has just been introduced for some beta users of WhatsApp. After completion of testing, it can be rolled out for all Android users. WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot of this upcoming feature of WhatsApp, in which recently online friends can be seen below the select contact.

After the rollout of this feature, users will not have to manually check the online status of their friends. Users will be able to access information about friends who have recently come online by going to the app’s contact list. Apart from this, WhatsApp is working on another feature in which users will be able to pin their favorite channel at the top. Currently, this feature is available for Groups, in which users can pin up to three of their favorite groups or contacts.

channel pin feature

The feature of pinning channels has been seen in the latest iOS version of WhatsApp. This feature can be seen in the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo. Users will find the channel option below the status option in the existing app interface. Users will be able to pin their favorite channels in the top-3 to see their updates. After this, users will see the updates of those three channels at the top. Users will not be able to miss updates from those channels and will not have to scroll to check updates.

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