Apple lost its sweat in making foldable iPhone! How to leave Samsung behind? foldable iphone launch may delay apple

Folding iPhone: Making a foldable iPhone is a big challenge for Apple. (symbolic picture)Image Credit Source: AI/Mohammed Zeeshan

Apple foldable iPhone launch: iPhone manufacturing smartphone company Apple is preparing to launch a new foldable phone. For quite some time, the company has been trying to make a foldable iPhone. Companies like Samsung, Google and OnePlus are already selling foldable phones, but Apple is nowhere in this matter. The craze for fold phones is going on all over the world. In such a situation, Apple lagging behind these companies is not good in terms of competition. Apple is trying but a new problem has arisen in front of it.

According to media reports, there may be a delay in the launch of Apple’s new foldable smartphone. It is also possible that the company may have to cancel its plan. There is a fierce competition between Apple and Samsung to become the king of the smartphone market. In such a situation, it has to be seen whether the American company South Korean smart fone How will the company compete?

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Apple faces new difficulties

Talking about Apple’s foldable smartphone, it is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2026. However, it is becoming difficult for the company to prepare the foldable iPhone on time. Apple is not getting the necessary parts to make a foldable phone. It is believed that Apple is not able to arrange a high-quality foldable display.

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Display of foldable iPhone

This high-quality display is of utmost importance for a foldable iPhone. In previous reports, possible features of the iPhone were revealed. The foldable iPhone can be launched with an 8-inch main display and 6-inch cover display. Two prototypes of clamshell-like foldable iPhone can be prepared.

On Chinese social media platform Weibo, tech blogger Fixed Focus Digital had made an important disclosure about Apple’s foldable iPhone. It claimed that Apple is testing Samsung-made displays for the foldable iPhone. But during the company’s testing, the panels break within a few days.

Therefore, there are speculations that the project has been put on hold. It is also possible that the project may be stopped until a concrete solution is found.

Amidst the growing market of foldable smartphones, Apple is far behind in this matter. Its competitor smartphone brands like Samsung and Google are quite advanced in the foldable phone segment. But Apple does not yet have its own foldable iPhone. This is a segment where Apple stands nowhere compared to its competitors.

foldable ipad and macbook

Apart from foldable iPhone, Apple is also planning to make foldable iPad. Apple’s patents show that the company is also thinking about foldable iPad and Mac. Both these products can be included in the company’s foldable device project.

Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who gives tips about Apple’s devices, also has his opinion about the foldable Mac. According to Ming, Apple is working on making a 20.3-inch foldable MacBook. Apple’s foldable MacBook can be launched in 2027.

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