Apple vs boAt: Why did bot capture ‘Apple’? The new ad revealed the secret. boat new advertisement mocks apple fans

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Companies adopt many tactics to maintain their hold in the market. One of these methods is advertisement. Considering the tough competition, brands also resort to unique and strange ads. Many companies focus on creating ads that can immediately grab customers’ attention. Indian electronics company boAt has also made a similar attempt. The bot has recently released some new ads in which Apple has allegedly been targeted. The company has prepared these ads keeping in mind the customers buying Apple products.

boAt’s new ads ask people to think better. The company has tried to get people to buy boAt products instead of Apple AirPods. However, in the ad the bot directly Apple Has not been named. But the company has definitely used words like ‘i’, ‘Pro’ and ‘Max’ in its ad. These three words are associated with the identity of Apple.

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boAt vs Apple: reaction on social media

Seeing this ad challenging Apple was sure to create an uproar on social media. Seeing this ad, people did not shy away from giving their opinion on social media. The internet world was divided over Bot’s new ad. Some people liked the creativity of the bot while some criticized the ad. A mixed effect was seen on social media.

Challenge given to Apple

In the wireless earwear market, Bot has tried to present itself as an alternative to American tech company Apple. In the video shared with ‘Don’t Be a Fanboy’, the company questions the family’s obsession with Apple products.

Many users on social media said that this ad is just a new marketing ploy. Some say that the customer base of Apple and Boat is quite different. There is a big difference between the consumer base of both, so it is not right to compare the two.

Users reacted

One user wrote that you (bot) will never be able to reach the brand value created by Apple, especially with such marketing gimmicks. Another user wrote that it is not wrong to make fun of any brand. But when you want to make fun of a brand then you should be able to compete with that brand in terms of quality, specifications, durability and all other aspects.

The user further says that I hate Apple, but this ad does not look right. Can you compare your best boat TWS with Apple AirPods Max latest generation and prove that you are the best?

With the new campaign and creative marketing, the boat has caught the attention of many people on social media. Users themselves are coming and expressing their views on the platform. People are also giving their opinion regarding the difference between affordable and expensive earbuds. It seems that the company has at least created a buzz among the customers through the ad.

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