Apple’s warning, this danger is looming over iPhone users in 92 countries including India. Apple warning iPhone users in 92 countries

iPhone Alert

iPhone User Warning: If you are an iPhone user then this news is for you. Actually, Apple has alerted iPhone users of 92 countries including India. This notification has been sent by Apple on April 10, in which it has been claimed that iPhone users in 92 countries including India can be targeted by spyware attacks.

Let us tell you that Apple has expressed the danger of spyware attack like Pegasus in its notification. If you are also an iPhone user then you should be careful. Also, some caution should be taken while using iPhone.

Spyware gets installed without permission

In today’s time, people are being targeted by spyware like Pegasus. This spyware gets installed on your device without permission and you don’t even know about it. Apple has said in its alert that iPhone users can be targeted through other mercenary spyware like Pegasus. So that cyber criminals can access your iPhone.

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What happens if you are a victim of an attack?

If your iPhone is targeted then unauthorized access to your iPhone will reach others. Mercenary spyware is used to target a small number of specific people and their devices. This spyware is like Pegasus of Israel’s NSO Group. These spyware attacks cost millions of dollars. It is very difficult to detect and stop them.

The email sent by Apple to iPhone users reads, ‘Apple has discovered that you are the victim of a ‘Mercenary Spyware’ attack, which allows you to remotely hack the iPhone associated with your Apple ID -xxx-. trying to. Please take this seriously. It has been said in the report that a threat notification has also been issued by Apple, which shows the seriousness of the situation.

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