Beware of social media doctors! Instead of getting cured, serious diseases may not be found. Beware of social media doctors serious

Beware of social media doctors

Social Media Doctor Alert: Whoever you see on social media is engaged in promoting knowledge. Some people have made it a base for profession and business. Where the number of people giving knowledge related to health, fitness and diet is very high. If you are following any page related to health, fitness and diet, then you should be careful, because it is not necessary that the knowledge related to fitness, health and diet is being given to you on social media. He should be an expert or doctor in this sector.

That is why we have brought information to alert you from the doctors present on social media. If you ignore this warning, your health may suffer serious damage and it may also happen that you may have to visit the hospital. Therefore, if you are in the trap of social media doctors, then get out of it as soon as possible.

doctor who prescribes diet

You will find many such doctor’s blogs or posts on social media which will tell you about the diet plan from the time you wake up in the morning till you go to sleep at night. These people neither know about your work life nor about your stress nor about the complexities of your body. They just make a video of whatever comes to their mouth and post it on social media. If a normal person follows their diet plan then it is fine, but as soon as a high BP, sugar and art patient follows their diet plan. Similarly, he starts having problems.

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Fitness doctors are more scary

You will find many people giving fitness knowledge on social media, who will claim to build a great body in 30 days and 90 days with different types of exercises. Once you fall into their clutches and start buying the supplements recommended by them, then believe me you will not have money left for food in the last week of the month. You will have to spend the day just by taking supplements. Talking about body formation, there will be no significant change in the way you were before.

On the other hand, if you do the exercises mentioned above, you may also get muscle injury, because they give knowledge on social media without any experience. In such a situation, you will have to consult a doctor again and without treatment and medicine you will not get well.

no less than a ghost of health

Those who post health related videos on social media take maximum advantage of your mental weakness. If you are a little fat then they fear it and start telling you the tricks to become thin and if you are overweight then they start telling you the tricks to get fat. They recommend various types of decoctions and churan on social media. By eating these, the condition of your stomach gets spoiled and then in your morning dreams you abuse these ghosts of health.

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