Big preparation by DoT, this service is going to stop in smartphones after two days

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Important service in smartphone is about to stop.

Tech News in Hindi: If you have a smartphone then this news may be useful for you. Actually, we get many types of services in smartphones and one of these services is going to stop after two days. The use of smartphones has made our lives easier but the cases of spam and fraud have also increased rapidly. Now the Indian Telecom Department DoT has taken a big decision to stop the increasing cyber crime through smartphones.

If you have a 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G smartphone then you need to be careful. DoT is going to stop this very special service in all types of smartphones from April 15 and it will be kept closed till further orders of the department.

Smartphone users will not be able to use this service

Let us tell you that the Department of Telecommunications has decided to stop USSD based call forwarding in all types of mobile phones. It will be kept closed till further orders of the department. Now smartphone users will be given some different options for call forward. The Telecom Department has also given orders to the telecom companies in this regard.

If you do not know about USSD best service, then let us tell you that USSD based services are those services in which we get the necessary information by entering certain types of codes. Like *121# or *#99# is a USSD based service. USSD service is mostly used to know the IMEI number or to know the remaining balance and data in the mobile.

DoT’s big decision

Call forwarding facility is also provided to smartphone users in USSD based service. This order has been taken by DoT to stop the increasing fraud, spam calls and spam links from smartphones. DoT said in its order that USSD based call forwarding has been found to be involved in some wrong activities, hence now it has been decided to stop it. Along with this, it was also told by DoT that those who have activated USSD based call forwarding on their number will soon be given an alternative option.

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