Big update from Google, you will get warning before clicking on scam message

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Google has released a big update for Android users.

Google is about to release a new update to protect its millions of Android users from becoming victims of online scams. After the release of this update, a warning will be issued for any message containing fake links coming to users’ phones. Before opening the message, users will be given a warning not to open it. As the cases of online scams and hacking have increased rapidly in the last few years, the tech company has decided to introduce this security feature to keep the users safe.

Update will be released soon

According to the report released by Piunika Web, Google may release this update soon. Google is going to add this feature in its message app, through which users can get warning before opening any kind of link in the messages coming on the phone. After the release of this update, as soon as users open a message containing a link in Google Message, they will get a pop-up warning message. Especially users will be given warning against messages coming from unknown numbers. However, it will depend on the users whether they accept the warning or cancel it.

This feature is currently spotted in Pixel devices. In the screenshot shared by the tipster, it can be seen that as soon as the users receive a message from an unknown number, a pop-up screen opens in front of the users before opening it. In this screen, the user will be notified that this message has been sent by an unknown person, that is, the message has come from a number which is not present in your contact list.

You will get a warning

Google will tell you in its pop-up warning that the message sent from an unknown number and the link contained in it can harm you. For this you will get two options Continue and Cancel. If you want to ignore the message, you can click on Cancel. If you want to take the risk and see the message and open the link, then you can click on Continue.

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