Calling Swiggy’s customer care was costly, man lost Rs 3 lakh

If you order food from online delivery platform Swiggy, then you must know about this new scam. Now a new online scam has come to light in which a person got duped when he called the customer care number of Swiggy. In an online scam case, an elderly man lost over Rs 3 lakh to a fraud when he tried to call Swiggy’s customer care number for help after his order did not arrive for hours. Information about the scam has been shared by his son on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.

In a post, X user Nikhil Chawla said that his father had ordered food from Swiggy but when the delivery was not delivered on time, he became disappointed and decided to call Swiggy’s customer care. He found the number of “Swiggy Call Centre” on Google. The entire incident is narrated in a video posted on his Instagram.

Such fraudsters cheated an elderly person?

He said his 65-year-old father called the number but was defrauded of Rs 35,000 in the first transaction. Upon realizing that he had lost Rs 35,000, the elderly man called the number again to get the money back, but was once again tricked into giving credit card details. Chawla claimed that the scammers copied his father’s SIM and cloned the phone to collect details from his father and transactions worth more than Rs 3 lakh were made.

My father has been a victim of cyber time bank fraud. He ordered food from @Swiggy and did not receive the order. So after 3 – 4 hours he called for a refund and someone defrauded him of Rs 35,000 and took credit card details and copied his SIM. Later, he requested the Delhi Police to help his father as he was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and shared a video on Instagram narrating the entire ordeal.

Swiggy gave this answer

Swiggy said it does not have any official customer service number. “Hi Nikhil, As discussed on our call, Swiggy does not have any official customer care number. For any issues, just use our in-app chat support. They also advise that users should not trust numbers found on Google searches and instead, they should connect with them through official channels or information provided on official websites.

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