Click photos from your phone like a DSLR camera, with these tricks you will be able to do wonders.

Smartphones have become a part of our lives and now everyone has a powerful camera in their hands. If you think that DSLR like photos cannot be taken with a phone then you may be wrong. Whatever be the camera quality, what you have to capture in the frame of the photo and what will be the method of capturing it also depends on whether the photo is good or not. We have brought some important tips, with which you will be able to do better photography.

Make some important changes in camera settings

Before clicking photos from the phone’s camera, it is important that you go to its settings and make necessary changes. You can set in which aspect and frame size you want to click the photo by going to the settings. Apart from this, if you want, you can enable Grid, due to which a grid appears on the frame and you can decide in which part of the photo to place the object. You can practice photography while changing the settings.

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Keep this in mind while clicking

Although smartphones may have stabilization features, the movement of the phone or you while clicking a photo affects its sharpness. Often people click photos by holding the phone with one hand and when they tap the screen, it shakes. Hold the phone with both hands and take time before and after clicking the photo. That means, do not remove the phone as soon as the photo is clicked and let 1-2 seconds pass. By doing this, you get full time for processing.

You can use these camera accessories

A Google search will tell you that there are many photography accessories available for smartphone cameras. From add-on lenses to accessories like tripods and gimbals, you can up your photography game. You will be surprised how well your phone can perform with these accessories. If you want, you can also attach a separate flash to the phone or use artificial lighting.

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Finally you can edit your photos. Not only this, with the help of selected apps like Open Camera, it becomes easy to use the full camera capabilities and pro features of the phone. Pro mode is available by-default in many phones and photos can be clicked in RAW mode.

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