Difficulty increased for Google, Apple and Meta, major action may be taken, know the reason

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Google Apple and Meta will face the Digital Markets Act first

The troubles of Google, Apple and Meta (Facebook) are going to increase. Major action can be taken against these three big tech companies. These companies are being investigated for violation of the Digital Marketing Act (DMA) of the European Union (EU). The European Union had implemented the Digital Marketing Act on 7 March 2024 this year. Under this rule, there is a provision that big digital companies should not create obstacles in the growth of small companies. If any big company is found doing this, legal action can be taken against it and heavy fine can be imposed.

Under the Digital Marketing Act of the European Union, if a digital company is found to be deliberately hindering the growth of its rival smaller digital companies, it will have to pay a fine of 10 percent of its global revenue. Along with the European Union, there is talk of making laws to end the dominance of big digital companies in India and America.

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Trying to meet the guidelines

US antitrust regulators have also instructed big tech companies not to engage in anti-competitive practices. At the same time, big technology companies say that they have deployed thousands of engineers to meet the needs of the 6 gatekeepers of the Digital Markets Act of the European Union, so that the guidelines of the Digital Markets Act can be met.

According to Reuters, the European Commission says that the steps taken by tech companies are insufficient for DMA compliance. However, industry experts believe that the European Union has implemented this Act just two weeks ago and they seem ready to take action.

Tech companies are making necessary changes

At the same time, big tech companies like Apple, Google, Meta and Amazon are making changes in their services to meet the compliance of the Digital Market Act of the European Union. Apple said that under this new rule of the European Union, the company has made many changes for its mobile operating system iOS. Now users can use other browsers apart from Apple’s default browser on their device. Besides, they have also got the facility to uninstall the software. Users can now install browsers from rival companies apart from Apple’s Safari browser on their iPhone.

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