Do not take the IMEI number lightly, if the mobile is stolen, it will tell the address of the thief. IMEI number check will save you from

The phone can be tracked through IMEI number.

Amit is a young professional who, due to his work, spends most of his time using his smartphone. One day, amidst the rush in the metro, his phone was stolen. Due to this Amit became disappointed and upset. He lodged a complaint with the police, but had little hope that the phone would be recovered.

After a few days, Amit got a call from an unknown number. The caller introduced himself as a police officer and said that they were stolen from him. Phone Have been successful in tracking. Amit could not believe it, but still he met the officer.

What is IMEI?

Upon meeting, the officer explained to Amit about the IMEI number. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15 digit unique code which is given to every mobile phone. In a way, it is the “fingerprint” of the phone, through which it can be tracked around the world.

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The police officer said that the thief had changed the SIM, but due to the IMEI number, he was detected when the phone was connected to the network. Based on this information, the police caught the thief and returned Amit’s phone.

This incident was a lesson for Amit. He realized how important the IMEI number is. IMEI not only got Amit’s phone returned but also got the thief caught.

This story is not limited to Amit only. Millions of phones are stolen every year, and the IMEI number has proven helpful in locating them in many cases.

Importance of IMEI number

  • Tracking a stolen phone: As mentioned in Amit’s story, the IMEI number can help track a stolen phone.
  • Blocking the phone: If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you can get the network blocked by calling the customer care of the telecom company using the IMEI number.
  • Identifying Fake Phones: IMEI number can also be used to identify fake phones.
  • Warranty and Insurance: In some cases, IMEI number can also be used for making warranty claim or insurance etc.

How to find IMEI number of phone

Follow these tips to find the IMEI number of your smartphone.

  • Dial #06# on your phone.
  • It is also found in the settings of your phone. Usually the IMEI number can be seen under “About Phone” or “Device Information”.
  • You can also see it on the back panel or SIM tray of your phone.

Keep IMEI number safe

You should not share your IMEI number with anyone, especially strangers. Set a strong password or PIN on your phone. If you are out of the house, always keep your phone with you.

If you lose your phone or it is stolen, file a police report immediately. The IMEI number is an important thing that can help you keep your phone safe and locate it if it is stolen.

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