Do not use any ejector pin to remove SIM from smartphone, you will be shocked to know the damage. Do not use any

sim ejector pin

Smartphone Tips: People of all ages use smartphones. According to a report of 2022, there were a total of 82.9 crore smartphone users in India. Among these, there are many users who change their numbers every month and for this they have to remove the SIM again and again. In this story of removing SIM, many times smartphone users make such a big mistake that if you know about the damage caused by it, your soul will tremble.

Let us tell you that now the SIM is not inserted and removed in the smartphone by opening the lid and removing the battery as before. SIM tray is provided on the side, bottom or top side of the smartphone. Which has a hole. When the SIM ejector pin is inserted into this hole, the SIM tray automatically comes out. Many mobile users make the mistake of removing this SIM tray and end up causing huge losses. Here we are telling you about this mistake and the damage caused by it.

This damage can be caused by any other pin.

The pin may bend or break: Eject pins are thin and fragile. If you press them with too much force, they may bend or break.
The SIM tray may be damaged: If you insert the PIN incorrectly or apply excessive force, you may damage the SIM tray.
The SIM card may be damaged: If the PIN touches the SIM card, it may be damaged, causing data loss or connectivity issues.

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This terrible loss occurs due to wrong PIN.

If you use the ejector pin that comes with any other smartphone, then it can cause a big loss apart from the losses mentioned above. Let us tell you that using wrong ejector pin can damage your phone’s battery. Due to PIN, the battery of the smartphone can also explode. This will not only cause harm to you, it can also cause fire in your house.

safe way to remove sim

You should always use the SIM ejector pin that came with your phone to take out the SIM tray. Be careful while removing the SIM and do not use too much force. If you apply too much force on the SIM ejector pin, the SIM tray of your smartphone may break. If the SIM tray is not coming out then you should go to the service center and take the help of the technician there.

It is important to remember that the SIM card is an important part of your phone. If you damage it, you may need to replace it, which may incur a charge. So, by exercising a little caution, you can ensure that you do not damage your SIM card or SIM tray.

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