Don’t make the mistake of taking this iPhone lightly, it spits fire as soon as you touch it! , apple iphone lighter original for cigarette smart

iPhone will cause fire. (symbolic picture)Image Credit Source: AI/Mohammed Zeeshan

Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. There is a huge craze for iPhone in India also. The features of iPhone and its expensive price make it different from other smartphones. But have you seen an iPhone that breathes fire? Today we will tell you about one such iPhone which starts releasing fire as soon as you touch it a little. This is the biggest feature of this iPhone. Further we also talk about its price and other features.

Apart from Apple’s normal iPhones, some antique iPhones are also available. Some of these iPhones are coated with gold, while others are decorated with diamonds. so special iPhone We are telling you about. Actually, this iPhone is actually a lighter. Just as fire comes out of a lighter, similarly fire comes out of this iPhone too.

iPhone lighter

This lighter not only looks like an iPhone, but it also has many features. Flash light also lights up in it. To light a fire with this iPhone, one has to press the trigger above. After this, a flame of fire comes out from the headphone jack above. Its price is quite low. You can buy it from Amazon for just Rs 599.

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You can take the iPhone lighter anywhere. If it runs out of gas, you can fill it again.

Lighters like iPhones and Jack Daniels bottles. (Credit: Amazon)

Apart from iPhone, there are other interesting lighters on Amazon-

Jack Daniels Printed Bottle Shape Cigarette Lighter: This lighter is perfect for Jack Daniel’s lovers. This lighter resembles a Jack Daniel’s bottle. There is no visible flame in this lighter and it is also windproof. You can charge this lighter. Its price is Rs 399.

Double flame lighter. (Credit: Amazon)

Magic Double Flame Lighter: The specialty of this lighter is that flames come out from not one but two places. Once lit, flame will come out from one place. You can light the fire from another place also. Its price on Amazon is Rs 649.

Smartphone holder lighter. (Credit: Amazon)

Premium Smartphone Holder Finger Stand with Rechargeable USB Lighter: This lighter is perfect for those who want to carry a lighter with their smartphone. This lighter also works as a smartphone holder. You can easily see this on the phone.

This lighter is rechargeable and has a USB port. In all these lighters, gas can be refilled once the gas runs out. Its price is Rs 789.

Keep these things in mind

You can see how many unique ways lighters can be designed. But keep in mind that smoking is harmful for health. Smoking should be avoided because it can harm your health. Keep the lighter out of the reach of children. Lighters should be kept away from flammable materials.

Apart from this, never keep the lighter near an open flame. It should be used with extreme caution.

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