Don’t sell old cooler at junk prices, you will get good price online here. Do not sell old cooler at junk price you will get

Unless the body of the cooler is completely damaged, it is not junk.

As soon as the name of junk comes up, a picture emerges in people’s mind in which old material used in the house comes to the fore. Also, when the name of junk is associated with something, its value also remains nominal. In the same way, the same happens with the old cooler, when you try to sell the old cooler, the scrap dealers like to buy it at scrap price only.

If you want to buy a new cooler or air conditioner by selling your old cooler this summer, then here we can save your old cooler from going into scrap value. For this you just have to follow the tips mentioned here, after which you will get a good price for your old cooler. If you do not follow these tips then you should accept your loss as certain.

When to retire the old cooler?

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If you are thinking of retiring your old cooler, then first you should know in what condition the cooler should be retired. If the body of your cooler is completely damaged then you should retire the cooler. Also, if you are thinking of buying an air conditioner for yourself, you can retire the old cooler.

Where will you get the right price for an old cooler?

If you have decided to retire your old cooler, then you should not sell it to a junk dealer. For this you can use platforms like OLX or Scrap Uncle. Here you will get the right price for old coolers. Also, any needy person who cannot buy a new cooler will get an old cooler to get relief from the heat.

There are many useful parts in an old cooler.

Often people consider the old cooler as junk, because the body of the old cooler gets damaged, but very few people know that the motor of the fan of the old cooler, the motor for supplying water and the condenser installed in the fan are the components of the new cooler. Can be used on body. If you remove all these parts from the junk cooler, you will save a lot of money. Also after this you can sell the old cooler as scrap.

Use these tips to avoid getting junk

If you want to save the cooler from becoming junk, then there are some tips for this, following which the cooler never becomes junk. To protect the cooler from junk, it should be painted from time to time. If you keep painting the cooler from time to time, it will not rust. Due to which the life of the cooler will increase.

Also, the cooler fan should be serviced from time to time. Due to this, the motor of the cooler does not get damaged quickly and it keeps providing adequate air. Let us tell you that if your cooler works properly then you will get relief in the scorching heat.

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