Elon Musk’s big bet before Lok Sabha elections, launched this special feature in India

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Elon Musk’s big bet before Lok Sabha elections

Elon Musk has made special preparations for his social media platform X in India. Musk has announced this feature before the Lok Sabha elections to be held in India. Musk has already launched this feature in 68 countries. Through X’s Community Notes feature, users will now be able to make long posts on social media platform X like Facebook.

Fact checking program to stop rumors

Fact checking program based on X’s community notes has also been launched in India. This has been brought specifically to stop rumors spreading on social media platforms. During elections, many types of rumors are spread on social media platforms, due to which it becomes difficult for users to find out about true and false news. This community feature based fact checking program will help in curbing rumors on X.

Announcing this Community Notes- User Based Fact Checking Program from his official X handle, Musk said that now Community Notes has come to India. The first contributors of the country are joining it from today. As always, we’ll make sure Community Notes continues to be a platform for people to express their views. Besides, we will also keep monitoring its quality, so that no wrong message reaches the people.

Community Notes launched in 69 countries

After the launch of Community Notes feature in India, it has now reached 69 countries across the world. Musk said in his post that we will soon launch it in more countries also. Let us tell you that Elon Musk first launched the Community Notes feature for X in December 2022. The global launch of this feature was announced only after the acquisition of Twitter (X) by Musk.

Elon Musk brought the Community Notes feature to add its own context to rumor-mongering posts on social media platforms, so that any kind of rumor can be curbed. However, any Community Notes will not be removed unless it violates X’s rules.

Blue tick started available for free

Apart from this, Elon Musk has started giving blue-tick i.e. premium features for free. However, Musk has put a condition for this. Premium users who have 2500 or more followers will now get a free blue tick and will be able to access the premium features of X. At the same time, users who have 5000 or more premium followers will get free subscription of Premium Plus.

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