Features like neckband, ENC and turbocharged will not be lost. Blaupunkt Introduces Next-Gen Neckband The BE120

Blaupunkt Neckband BE120

German tech company Blaupunkt has recently launched BE120 Touch ENC, a neckband with AI chip, in India. The biggest feature of this neckband is that it will not get lost anywhere nor will it fall down from your neck. For this, Blaupunkt has given hi-tech lock feature in this neckband. If you are worried about losing your neckband, then this neckband from Blaupunkt can be very important for you.

Many other features are also provided in this BE120 Touch ENC neckband of Blaupunkt, in which users will get 40 hours of playtime, ENC feature and features like swipe volume up and down, one touch call reject and answer call. If you also want to buy this smart neckband of Blaupunkt, then here we are telling you everything about this BE120 Touch ENC neckband of Blaupunkt.

Features of Blaupunkt neckband

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Blaupunkt’s BE120 Touch ENC neckband has touch sensors that allow you to turn the volume up and down through tap or swipe. Along with this, this neckband has an environment noise cancellation feature, which allows you to listen to crystal clear music and talk even in the noise of the airplane. Also, this neckband has been designed for gaming, so that users get a great experience while playing games.

AI chip will make neckband special

Blaupunkt has given AI chip in this neckband which makes this neckband very special. Due to this chip, this neckband gives better performance in less battery life. It also allows users to hear excellent crystal clear sound amidst the noise. There is no problem in connecting this neckband with the device.

Blaupunkt Neckband Play Time

This neckband from Blaupunkt offers 40 hours of playtime. Also, turbovolt fast charging technology has been provided in this neckband. Which can be used for 2 hours in 10 minutes of charging. Along with this, this neckband is provided with a magnet lock which locks the neckband when it is not in use. Due to which this neckband neither falls down nor gets lost.

Hi-tech features of Blaupunkt neckband

Blaupunkt neckband BE120 has an auto maga lock system, which automatically turns off the neckband when not in use, which increases the battery life of this neckband. Whereas Blaupunkt Neckband BE120 comes in two color options: All Black and Blue Black. You can buy the neckband in any of the two colors of your choice.

Blaupunkt Neckband BE120 Price

Although Blaupunkt Neckband BE120 has been launched at a price of Rs 5,999, currently the company is offering a discount of up to 77 percent on it. In such a situation, you can buy this neckband for only Rs 1,399. You can buy Blaupunkt BE120 neckband from e-commerce site Amazon.

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