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PM Modi interacts with Indian gamers: The gaming industry is growing rapidly in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also well aware of its possibilities. That’s why recently PM Modi met with the top gamers of India. This meeting is being considered very important in terms of the possibilities and challenges of e-gaming in India. Ever since its teaser was released, people are eagerly waiting for the full video of PM and Gamers. However, now your wait is over, because the full video of this meeting has been released.

The full video of the interesting conversation between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the country’s top gaming creators was released today i.e. on April 13 at 9:30 am. This video has been released on PM’s official social media handle and video sharing platform. Before this, PM’s official youtube A teaser of this meeting was released on the channel, which has received several lakh views so far.

Watch full video here

If you want to watch the full video of the meeting of PM and gamers, you can watch it here. This video is very motivational for the budding gaming creators of India, because it will make it easier for them to adopt gaming as a career. Apart from this, in the video you will be able to see what are the challenges regarding gaming in India which are yet to be overcome.

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Gaming has developed rapidly in India amid the digital revolution. PM Modi asked gamers what difficulties they face in India. He also talked about the misconceptions related to the gaming industry. Apart from this, the PM asked about the problem between choosing skill-based games and games that generate quick income.

Gamers said that there should be a difference between the two types of games. Apart from this, he also talked about addiction to video games.

PM Modi played video game

During this meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself did not forget to try his hand at video games. When gamers are together then how can one avoid playing games, PM himself experienced VR, PC, console and mobile gaming. Gamers were also surprised to see PM’s first time gaming performance.

It was also emphasized in the meeting that the government has entrusted the responsibility of making rules for online gaming to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITy). Apart from this, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports ((MYAS)) will keep an eye on e-sports.

PM Modi met these gamers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with a total of 7 top Indian gamers. These include Naman Mathur (SoulMortal), Mithilesh Patankar (MythPat), Animesh Aggarwal (8bitThug), Payal Dhare (PayalGaming), Ganesh Gangadhar (SkRossi), Anshu Bisht and Tirtha Mehta.

In the National Creators Awards, the Prime Minister had honored many creators by giving them awards. The age of most of these creators was between 20-30 years. The PM gave awards to many creators including 20-year-old Janhvi Singh, 23-year-old Maithili Thakur, 28-year-old Jaya Kishori, 28-year-old Nishchay Malhan and 30-year-old Ranveer Allahabadia. These awards were given in many categories.

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