Gmail Smart hacks for daily uses check how to use it | These smart tricks of Gmail will make your life easier, many things will happen in no time

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gmail smart tricks

Gmail Smart Tricks: Gmail has millions of users all over the world. This e-mail service of Google is necessary for YouTube, Play Store, Google Workspace etc. If you are an Android user, then from downloading apps to running YouTube on your smartphone, you have to create a Gmail account. In this digital and hi-tech world, having e-mail is very important. You also use Gmail for your professional as well as personal work. We are going to tell you about such smart tricks of Gmail, which can make your daily life easier. Come, let us know about these smart tricks of Gmail…

undo send

Many of us users do not know that e-mails sent from Gmail can also be returned. For this you will have to use the Undo Send feature of Gmail. Many times we forget to attach something while sending an e-mail or make a small mistake. In this situation, this feature of Gmail is very useful.

confidential mode

You can use this smart feature of Gmail to send very sensitive information on your e-mail. By using this feature, the user receiving the mail will neither be able to forward your e-mail nor will be able to print and download the content of the e-mail.

smart compose

This feature available in Gmail can save a lot of your time. After enabling the Smart Compose feature, you will be able to compose long sentences with just a single tap while typing an email. This feature automatically gives suggestions for typing sentences, using which time can be saved.

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Gmail Smart Features

snooze for later

Through this feature of Gmail, you can stop the messages coming in your inbox i.e. incoming e-mail for some time. This feature works temporarily. Especially if you do not want to receive any e-mail or message during a meeting, then you can use this smart feature of Gmail.


This is an important feature of Gmail that helps you organize specific things in your email. In simple language, through this feature you will be able to arrange your e-mail inbox properly.

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