Google brought a very useful feature, the tension of phone being stolen or lost is over.

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Google Find My Device

Google has launched a very useful feature for Android users. Google has announced this feature through its blog post. Google has upgraded the Find My Device feature and launched it for Android smartphone users. Now this feature of Google will work even offline i.e. without network. Also, the device can be tracked even after the user’s phone’s battery is dead. Because of this, the tension of phone being stolen or lost will be completely eliminated.

Google has blog post Announcing the new Find My Device feature for Android users, we have explained 5 ways to use it. Crores of Android users around the world are going to benefit from this feature of Google. Let us know about the new 5 methods of Find My Device..

Offline devices will be able to track

Google has currently rolled out this Find My Device feature for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users. Google said that due to the hardware features of the Pixel device, the phone can be found even without any network or after the battery is dead.

Bluetooth devices will be able to track

Google said that from May, users will be able to find Bluetooth tags such as smart tags, smart key rings, car keys etc. through the new Find My Device. For this, users will have to first connect these devices to their smartphone or tablet. After this, users will be able to locate them through the features given in the app.

find things nearby

Google has added a feature to find nearby items in Find My Device. This feature will also be rolled out in the next month i.e. May.

Will help in tracking lost things

Google’s Find My Device will provide the facility to track lost items in the house. Users will be able to see the last location of lost Bluetooth tags in the Find My Device app, which will help in tracking them. For this, users will have to pair their devices with Google Home.

Share accessories with friends

Through Bluetooth tags in the Find My Device app, users will get the facility to share their tags, luggage etc. with friends or family members. This feature will be rolled out in May.

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