Google introduced paid version of Chrome, will you have to pay for browsing now? Know the price and benefits

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The company launched the paid version of Google Chrome.

If you use a smartphone or laptop then you must have used Google Chrome. Google Chrome has become the largest browsing platform today. Millions of people use it around the world. From time to time, Google keeps bringing new updates to the Chrome browser for the convenience of its users. Now the company has introduced a new service.

Let us tell you that in most of the Google platforms, users use Google Chrome for free. But, now the company seems to be in a mood to make some changes in this system. Google has introduced a new enterprise premium variant of its Chrome browser in which users will be given two options, free and paid.

Google Enterprise Premium will protect data

Let us tell you that Chrome Enterprise Premium is a paid service. If you use it, users will get some extra features. This new paid version of Google Chrome will keep users safe from malware attacks and phishing attacks. Along with this, users will also not be at risk of cyber attacks. The paid version of Google Chrome will also keep users’ online data safe.

This paid version of Chrome is not very beneficial for normal regular users but it can be more useful and beneficial for corporate companies and business people. After this step of Google, people will no longer have to depend on third party apps or software for data security. Now users will get data protection tools in their system itself.

Auto updates feature in Google Enterprise Premium

According to Google, to keep users’ data safe, automatic updates will be available in Google Enterprise Premium. If we tell you in simple language, Google Enterprise Premium is perfect only for big companies and business people. If we talk about the price of Google Enterprise Premium, then for this users will have to spend 6 dollars i.e. about 500 rupees per month.

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