Government’s big preparations regarding AI, problems will increase for Google, OpenAI, Microsoft!

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The government has made major preparations regarding AI.

The government is preparing to regulate AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence. After the Lok Sabha elections 2024, the government can release a consultation paper regarding AI for industry bodies and stakeholders. Union IT and Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has told about the preparations to regulate AI. Even before this, the government has asked tech companies Google, Microsoft, OpenAI etc. to take permission for testing AI models. An advisory has also been issued in this regard.

Preparation of AI regulatory structure

Union IT and Electronics Minister Ashwini Vaishnav confirmed in an interview with ET that they are working on the regulatory structure regarding AI. The government will start the formal consultation process after the Lok Sabha elections. The Union Minister said that one of our ideas is to create a self-regulatory body for AI. But we don’t think this will be enough. We are of the view that this regulation should be done through legislative method. We have already consulted the industry about this. After the elections, we will start the formal consultation process and move towards legislation.

The IT Minister also said that after the implementation of balance regulation, it will be ensured that there is no hindrance in innovation and creativity. The rules made using AI will be to address copyright, fiscal and financial concerns. The challenges faced in protecting intellectual property rights due to AI will be removed after the rules are made.

Copyright problems will be solved

Globally, many big writers have written letters to tech companies asking them not to use their copyrighted work to train any AI model and generate content. Recently, the American leading media house has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, the company that makes ChatGPT. To train their AI models, these companies have used news articles from The New York Times without their permission, for which this case has been filed.

Difficulties for tech companies will increase!

In India too, Digital News Publishers Association (DNPA) has also demanded copyright protection from AI models. After bringing AI regulation by the government, there may be success in removing these copyright problems. However, this may cause difficulty for tech companies Google, Microsoft, OpenAI etc. in training their AI models.

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