Great opportunity to upgrade Android phone to iPhone, great deal is available here

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You can buy iPhones at very cheap prices right now.

Price cut offer on iPhones: If you were using an Android smartphone till now and are planning to upgrade it and buy a new smartphone, then there is good news for you. You can upgrade your old Android phone to Apple iPhones at this time. If you were not able to buy iPhone because it was expensive, then now you have a great opportunity. At present you can buy a premium iPhone at the price of an Android smartphone.

Let us tell you that at present the sale is going on in both online shopping platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. You can buy iPhones at cheap prices from both the places. If you upgrade your old Android phone to iPhone now, you can save a lot of money in the exchange offer.

Let us tell you in detail about the discount offers available from iPhone 12 to iPhone 14 and the latest prices of iPhones in the online platform here…

Big discount offer on iPhone 11

If your budget is very low then you can upgrade your Android phone now and get Apple iPhone 11. More than 2 lakh people have purchased it in Flipkart. Now you can get iPhone 14 for just Rs 49,900. In this you get a 6.1 inch display. Along with this, it has a 12+12 megapixel dual camera.

Amazing offer available on iPhone 12

Apple launched iPhone 12 in 2020. Now it has become much cheaper than the launch price. The 64GB variant of iPhone 12 is listed at Rs 49,900 on Flipkart but currently a discount of 13 percent is being offered on it. You can buy it now at a discount for just Rs 42,999. In this you are also being given an exchange offer of up to Rs 36 thousand. The 256GB variant of iPhone 12 is available on Amazon. You can buy it for Rs 54,899.

Big drop in price of iPhone 13

This is a great opportunity to buy iPhone 13 at a cheap price. The 128GB variant of iPhone 13 is listed at Rs 59,900 on Flipkart but currently a discount of 11 percent is being given on it. In the offer you can buy it for only Rs 52,999. This model is also available on Amazon for Rs 52,990. In iPhone 13 you get a 6.1 inch Super Retina XDR display. It has a dual camera setup of 12MP + 12MP for photography. Apple has given A15 Bionic Chip Processor in it.

iPhone 14 also becomes cheaper

If you do not have any budget problem then you can go towards iPhone 14. It is listed on Flipkart at Rs 69,900 but now it is getting a discount of 15 percent, after which you can buy it for only Rs 58,999. Flipkart is also offering exchange offer up to Rs 48 thousand. The 128GB Starlight variant of iPhone 14 is listed at Rs 69,900 on Amazon. The company is giving a discount of 16 percent on this. You can buy it from Amazon for just Rs 58,999.

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