If you have AC installed in your house then check these things now, otherwise you may face heavy fine.

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Before installing AC, definitely get information about your electricity connection.

Air Conditioner Tips and Tricks: As summer approaches, the demand for air conditioners increases rapidly. Nothing is as effective as AC in providing relief from the scorching heat. In the scorching heat, everyone wants to be in the cool air of the air conditioner, that is why people have restarted the AC which had been switched off for months. If you also use air conditioner in your house then this news is going to be very useful for you. If you are thinking of running AC then you should read this news completely.

The cool breeze of AC not only gives us relief but at the same time it also gives us many types of tension. If you run AC at home or are going to buy a new AC this summer, then you must pay attention to one thing, otherwise you may have to pay a heavy fine.

These rules are necessary to run AC

Actually, if you run an air conditioner at home, there are some rules for this from the electricity department and if you do not follow those rules, then a heavy fine can be imposed on you from the department. If you have an air conditioner installed in your house, then you must have an electricity connection of at least 3 kilowatts.

Electricity department can take action

Let us tell you that during the summer season, many appliances like air conditioner, cooler, refrigerator are used extensively. Due to this overloading increases significantly. Not only this, cases of electricity theft also come to light during summer. In such a situation, the employees of the electricity department go out on surprise inspection from street to street. If there is an air conditioner installed in your house, then your electricity meter can be checked.

Let us tell you that if you have an AC of one and a half ton or more installed in your house, then there should be an electricity connection of at least 3 kilowatts. Along with this, if 2 or more ACs are used in your house then it is necessary to have an electricity connection of at least 5 kW. If you run an AC and have not found out about the electricity connection, then do this work today itself, otherwise you may have to suffer huge losses.

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