If you see these signs on your Smartphone, then understand that your phone has been hacked.

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If you see this sign on your smartphone, then understand that your phone has been hacked.

Smartphone has become an important part of our lives nowadays. We use our smartphones for everything from banking services to social media, calling etc. In such a situation, if our smartphone falls into the hands of a hacker, we may have to suffer huge losses. Google has provided many security features for Android users in the last few years, due to which the smartphone can be protected from being hacked. Not only this, if any data is being stolen from your smartphone, it can also be detected. For this, you should pay attention to some signs visible on your smartphone.

mic and camera indicator

Whenever any app in your smartphone accesses the camera or mic, the green indicator of the camera and mic starts blinking at the top of the screen. If you haven’t opened any apps, but you still see one or both of these indicators on your phone’s screen, it means someone is accessing your phone.

If you see such an indicator in your phone too, then immediately go to the phone’s settings and go to app permissions and turn off access to the phone’s camera and microphone.

phone heating

Many times hackers send malware or viruses to users’ smartphones, which steal data in the background of the phone. However, by doing this the smartphone gradually starts heating up. When data mining from the phone is in the background, it consumes the battery and the battery starts heating up due to continuous use. If your phone is getting hot even without using it or without putting it in charging, then it means that data mining is being done in the background of the phone.

mobile data draining fast

When you watch a video or stream music on a smartphone, the data consumption of the phone increases. If your phone’s data is draining rapidly even without using OTT apps, it indicates that data mining is being done in the background of the smartphone.

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