If you set a weak password, anyone will hack the phone, set a strong password like this. How to Create Strong Password these Tips

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If you want to avoid online fraud or hacking, the most important thing is to be alert. Apart from being alert, it is also very important to create a strong password for phone, social media and banking accounts. Many people create such a weak password that it takes barely a second for hackers to crack.

Last year a report came out in which it was told that people set passwords like admin, 123456, password, 12345678, 123456789, 12345, administrator. These are some such weak passwords which get cracked just in the blink of an eye. Now in such a situation the question arises that how to create a strong password?

Strong Password Tips: Create a strong password like this

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If you also want to create a strong password to keep your account safe from the evil eye of hackers, but if you do not know how to create a strong password, then there is no need to worry. Today we are going to answer this question.

Whenever you create a password, create a password by mixing not only small characters but also big characters. Not only this, apart from small and big characters, also mix numbers, symbols etc. so that it becomes not only difficult but impossible for hackers to break your account password.

Example: password123 (weak password) and 4#3@d$fG%hJ*kL (strong password).

Pay attention to these things while creating password

Some sites also offer the facility of color indicators while creating the password. Now you may also be wondering what are these color indicators? For your information, let us tell you that with the help of color indicators the strength of the password is indicated.

If the password you are creating is not strong then it will be shown in red color, if the password is correct then it will be shown in yellow color. If your password is strong then you will see a green color indicator.

Avoid making these mistakes

While creating the password, people make some small mistakes which prove to be costly, such as never include your personal information like mobile number or date of birth or year of birth in the password.

Many people create the same password for all accounts so that it becomes easier to remember the password. But this should not be done, create a unique password for all your phone, banking accounts and social media accounts.

There are many banking apps that advise users to change their passwords regularly. If you want to stay away from the evil eye of hackers, then make sure to update the passwords of all your accounts from time to time.

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