Install Android 15 in your phone like this, you will get the benefit of many new features

The latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 15, has finally entered the beta phase of its testing, which means that apart from developers, other users can also download it. First of all, Android 15 Beta 1 version has been released for the smartphones of Google Pixel lineup. If you also want to download it and try the new features first, then we are going to tell you how.

The software company has said that all the features of Android 15 will be unveiled at the developers conference in the I/O event to be held in the month of May. Earlier the company had released its developer preview only for developers and now the first beta version has been released. There are many flaws in it and users have been advised not to install it on their primary device. Testers can help Google in fixing flaws and bugs.

Android 15 update started available in these phones, the list of new features will please you

You can download it on these smartphones

The company has made the smartphones of Google Pixel lineup a part of the Android Beta program and you can see their list below.

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You will be able to download updates like this

If you have any of the phones mentioned above then Android 15 Beta 1 can be downloaded and installed by following the steps given below.

– First of all go to website.

– Here you will have to enroll for the Android Beta program and provide your information.

– After doing this, you will have to tap on System and then System Update from the device’s settings.

– If you have enrolled for the beta program, then the Download and Install Android 15 Beta option will appear here and you will have to tap on it.

– Now you have to wait for the notification of OTA update of Android 15 Beta 1 and finally it can be installed.

The beta version is an early version, so there are many flaws and bugs present in it. Keep in mind that do not install it on your primary device. Let us tell you, the company has brought many features in Android 15 like full screen app adoption, app archive management, braille display compatibility, cellular network security settings and WiFi connection privacy.

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