iPhone priced at ₹3299, how did the phone become available even before Apple launched it?

Almost 6 years have passed since the launch of the first foldable smartphone in the year 2018, but premium iPhone manufacturing company Apple has not launched a foldable iPhone. However, the interesting thing is that in India there is an opportunity to buy a foldable iPhone for less than Rs 3500. Actually, it is just a feature phone that looks like a foldable iPhone.

From outside it looks like a foldable iPhone but it is a foldable feature phone from a new mobile company BlackZone. A camera module like iPhone 15 Pro is provided on the back panel of this device. If you have looked at the prototypes or renders of foldable iPhones, the design of the BlackZone BZ Fold looks exactly the same.

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Feature phone with innovative design

BlackZone BZ Fold has been introduced with an extremely thin and innovative design. The design of this feature phone is very special and unique. When open, it looks very much like an iPhone when seen from behind. However, it has a keypad on the front like a feature phone and a small display can be seen.

The feature phone has a USB Type-C port, which is not found in most feature phones. Apart from this, 2000mAh battery is provided in the phone. It has a 2.4-inch main display and a second mini display is also available on the back panel of the phone. Also, the option to increase memory up to 32GB is being given in this phone. 2MP camera and built-in torch is also available in this phone.

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This is the price of BlackZone BZ Fold

Customers can buy this feature phone that looks like a foldable iPhone at a price of only Rs 3,299. Apart from the company website, this device can be purchased from select mobile stores across the country.

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