Keep these things in mind while creating the password, your account will never be hacked.

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We should avoid creating passwords with short and simple numbers.

Due to the increasing use of smartphones and internet, cases of cyber crime, spam calls and fraud have also increased rapidly in recent times. Today, many of our daily routine tasks have become dependent on the Internet and various payment apps and social media platforms. To keep different social media accounts or banking accounts safe, we put passwords on them. If we are careless in creating the password, it can cause huge loss to us.

Hacking cases have also increased rapidly in the world of technology. In such a situation, we should create a strong and safe password on internet banking as well as online payment apps and social media apps. Often many people create normal and easily hackable passwords even at such important places. Such carelessness sometimes becomes the cause of huge losses.

To avoid fraud in the digital era, it is very important to create a strong and unique password. To avoid online fraud, it is important for you to know about password protection. Let us tell you some special things related to passwords with the help of which you can create a unique password and also tell you about such passwords which are easily cracked, you have to avoid such passwords.

Keep these things in mind while creating the password

  1. After creating a password anywhere, apply two-factor authentication in it.
  2. Never use the same password on different accounts. Meaning generate different passwords everywhere.
  3. Never write your name, date of birth or your partner’s name for the password.
  4. While generating a new password anywhere, make sure to use special characters like @,#,$,&,* etc. in between the numbers.
  5. Make the password based on such personal details or numbers that no one else can guess.
  6. Never create a password with short words or small numbers.

Such passwords are easily hacked

Let us tell you that in a recent report released by NordPass, information was given about some such passwords which can be cracked very easily. If you keep such a password then your account can be easily hacked. Never use 123456, 12345678, 123456789, 54321, 12345, Password, Admin, 1234567890, ABCDEF or your date of birth as password.

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