Keep two rooms cool with one AC, this trick will be useful. Keep two rooms cool with one AC this trick will be useful

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Air Conditioner Tips: The scorching heat has started; according to meteorologists, this time there will be more heat in the entire country than in the past several years. In such a situation, if you want to avoid the heat, then you should make preparations from now, because this time the heat that falls in the months of May-June will start falling only at the end of April. If you want to cool two rooms with one air conditioner this summer, then we are going to tell you an easy trick, using which you can cool two rooms with one air conditioner at a low cost.

Let us tell you that through this trick you can cool the rooms without any extra expense. Not only will you save your electricity money, you will not have to buy another AC in this era of inflation. Let us tell you that to use this trick, the capacity of your air conditioner should be at least 1.5 ton, only then you will be able to cool your two rooms with one AC with the trick mentioned here.

Adjusted fan installed in the wall of the room

If you want to cool your two rooms with one AC, then for this you should make a big hole in the wall of both the rooms and install a powerful adjustable fan used in the kitchen in it. By doing this, when the AC cools one of your rooms, then this adjusted fan will transmit that cooling to the other room. By doing this, you will not only save money but you will also not have to pay the electricity bill for two ACs.

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Install AC between the walls of two rooms

If you have an air conditioner of 2 ton capacity or more, then you can also install it between the walls of two rooms. By doing this, whenever you run the air condition, both your rooms will get cooled properly, but there is a problem in this, even if you are using only one room, the other room will keep getting cold. Due to which it is natural that you will suffer loss of power and cooling.

Failure to clean AC will cause damage

Maintenance of AC is very important. If you do not do this then the dust accumulated in it blocks the air flow. Apart from this, there can also be a possibility of ice accumulation on the coil due to the waste accumulated on the filter. In such a situation, there is also a risk of respiratory disease. Know here how you can clean the AC yourself at home.

AC cleaning at home

  • To clean AC at home, first of all, switch off the AC and open its panel.
  • After this, remove the filters of the AC one by one. Using caution, clean the dirt from the evaporator coil in the AC with a toothbrush.
  • After doing this, clean the dust on the AC with a clean cotton cloth.
  • To clean the filters properly, wash them with water. By doing this the filters get cleaned properly.
  • Now dry the filters and fit them back in their place. After this, turn off the AC panel and turn on the power supply.
  • Note: Be careful while cleaning the AC at home. If there is any other problem in the AC, instead of fixing it yourself, take the help of a technician.

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