Mechanics will not be able to claim money in the name of AC, this is how to find out whether the gas has run out or not. How to check air conditioner gas

This is how to know whether the AC has run out of gas or not

As summer approaches, the demand for mechanics also starts increasing. Many times you call your home to get the AC checked and they tell you about the problem of gas leaking in the AC. This creates a huge bill for you. But sometimes it may happen that you are being defrauded, actually this is just a technique to earn money.

Normally, gas charging in AC costs Rs 2 to 3 thousand. Here we will tell you how you can check whether gas is actually leaking in your AC or not.

Check AC yourself like this

You can check yourself at home whether gas is leaking in the AC or not. For this you will first have to check the cooling condenser, run the AC and then check the cooling coil also. If there is no ice frozen in the cooling coil of the AC then it is possible that the gas in your AC has not come out.

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Gas pressure in AC

What should be the gas pressure in AC? Before knowing this, let us know how many types of gases are there in AC. There are two types of gases in AC, these include R32 and R410. Nowadays, only R32 gas is found in most of the ACs. This gas is not dangerous for the ozone layer. In such a situation, even if it leaks, it does not cause harm to the environment. If the mechanic tells you that your AC is leaking gas, then you can also get it checked through a gauge.

The gauge compressor is installed in the wall and through this the pressure of the gas is checked. If we talk about Inverter AC then the gas pressure in it is normal 150. If there is this much pressure in your AC then you do not need to get the gas refilled. In normal AC, if the gas pressure is between 60 to 80 then this AC is fine.

This is how you will know that there is no gas in the AC.

  • As mentioned above, the easy way to find out if there is less gas in the AC is to check the cooling. If there is no cooling in your AC then it may be that the gas in it is low or it has run out.
  • If there is a bubbling sound in the AC then the gas in your AC is low or it has run out.
  • AC reduces the humidity of the room. But when the AC does not provide proper cooling then the humidity in the room does not reduce. This happens only when there is less gas in the AC.
  • You can detect whether the gas is low or exhausted by the compressor installed in the AC. In fact, the compressor keeps switching on and off according to the room temperature. But if your compressor is turning on and off much later than before, then it is possible that the AC has run out of gas.

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