Millions of iPhone users got worried, this setting automatically turned on in the phone after the new update.

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This setting automatically turns on after the new update in iPhone

Apple has recently released the new iOS 17.5 update for iPhone users. After the arrival of this update, a setting has automatically turned on in the iPhone. Millions of iPhone users are troubled because of this. After Apple’s new update, ‘Discoverable By Others’ setting has automatically turned on in iPhone. This setting comes under the iPhone’s ‘Journaling Suggestions’, which is found in the Privacy and Security section of the phone.

Due to this setting being automatically turned on, many users feared that their personal data would be stolen. However, Apple has denied this. Apple released the Journaling Suggestions feature with the iOS 17.2 update released in December 2023. Apple is going to upgrade its voice assistant Siri in the upcoming iOS 18. This suggestion feature was added for this reason.

iOS 18 will be the biggest upgrade

According to the reports coming out, iOS 18 will be Apple’s biggest software upgrade till date. Talking about the turning on of this mysterious setting of Apple, when users turn on this feature in their iPhone, it uses the old data present in the iPhone. This data includes music, photos, workouts, location etc. With the help of these data, users keep getting suggestions in the Journal app.

Apple users say that even if you don’t turn on the journaling suggestion, the ‘Discoverable By others’ setting remains on by default. Apple has given this feature to improve journaling suggestions. This feature also uses the Bluetooth of the user’s iPhone and detects nearby devices of the user’s contact. This feature helps the user to know whether their friends and family members are using the Journal app or not.

However, millions of iPhone users believe that their personal data is not safe because this feature turns on automatically. Anyone can connect with their iPhone. Many users have commented on their social media handles expressing the possibility of data leakage.

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