Naman Mathur, who met PM, has no shortage of talent, has designed a car. Naman Mathur who met PM Narendra Modi

Namath Mathur had designed the car for MG Motors.Image Credit Source: MG Motos India/Facebook

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently met the top 7 Indian gamers of the e-sports industry and one of them is Naman Mathur. It is not just that Naman Mathur has millions of fans on YouTube and Instagram, apart from good gaming skills, Naman Mathur is full of talent. Perhaps some of you might know, but there are still many people who are not aware that apart from being India’s top gamer, Naman Mathur has also designed a car for an auto company.

Now this question might be arising in your mind that which car was this? So let us now answer this question. Last year, MG Motors had launched a special gaming edition of the country’s cheapest electric car Comet in the market for the customers. The company had launched the Gamer Edition with black and neon purple dual-tone pant finish.

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The design of Comet Gamer Edition is most special

The company had joined hands with Naman Mathur to design the MG Comet EV Gamer Edition. Naman Mathur fulfilled the responsibility of designing this car very well, which is why the design of this car was quite different from other models of Comet EV.

Naman Mathur had worked a lot not only on the exterior of this car but also on the interior of this car. Talking about the exterior design, the doors, wheels and roof of the car were changed a lot. Eliminated stickers with neon elements are seen on the doors and wheels of the vehicle.

The exterior of MG Comet Gamer Edition was very special (MG Motors)

Metallic finish, dark chrome and illuminated texture finish were used in the exterior of the vehicle. Special molding on the sides of the car, special wheel covers, Comet branding on the roof and illuminating front-rear fog lamps will be seen. So, what changes had Naman Mathur made in the exterior of the car, let us now know what had changed in the interior of this car?


Naman Mathur has designed the interior of this car in such a way that customers get to see neon elements with glowing materials in the cabin of the car. Apart from contrasting dashboard, special seats have also been provided in the vehicle.

The interior of MG Comet Gamer Edition was changed (MG Motors)

MG Comet EV Gamer Edition Price: What was the price at the time of launch?

Of course, MG Comet is the most affordable electric car of the company, but the price of this special edition was fixed at Rs 64 thousand 999 more than the normal model.

The price of Gamer Edition ranged from Rs 8,62,999 to Rs 10,62,999, whereas for the normal model of this car, customers had to spend Rs 7.98 lakh (ex-showroom) to Rs 9.98 lakh (ex-showroom).

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