New navigation bar comes in WhatsApp for Android users, many new sections will be available

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WhatsApp rolled out new update.

WhatsApp Latest Feature: Around 2 billion i.e. more than 200 crore people around the world use WhatsApp. The company owned by Meta provides many services to its users including instant messaging, voice calling, video calling. For the convenience of its users, the company keeps bringing new updates and features from time to time. WhatsApp has released a new update to give a new experience to the users.

Let us tell you that if you have an Android smartphone and you use WhatsApp, then you are going to get a new experience. WhatsApp has given a new navigation bar in the application for its millions of users. WhatsApp was testing it for the past several days. The new navigation bar of WhatsApp is like iOS. Till now WhatsApp users used to get navigation bar at the top but now it will be at the bottom of the application.

Four sections in navigation bar

Till now, users got only three sections – Chat, Status, Calls – in the navigation bar at the top, but now after the latest update, users will get four sections – Chat, Updates, Communities and Calls in the navigation bar at the bottom. WhatsApp gave information about its new update by posting it on Instagram.

Will be easy to access

WhatsApp has given an attractive icon for all the sections. Now if any new status update section has been added. If someone puts a status on his WhatsApp, now you will get the notification in the Updates section of the navigation bar. One of the biggest advantages of WhatsApp’s latest navigation bar is that being at the bottom, you can access it easily. Whereas when it was at the top, to use it one had to use WhatsApp with both hands.

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