Now send all photos and videos in HD quality on WhatsApp, just turn on this setting

There is good news for crores of users of WhatsApp. Now to send photos in HD quality, you will not have to change settings again and again. Now you will be able to send HD photos-videos in just one tap. Let us tell you how? Let us tell you that, in August last year, WhatsApp had introduced the facility to share high-quality photos on the app. Currently, users have to repeatedly change settings to send photos 6 times larger than the standard quality. To send any photo in HD quality, users have to first select that photo from the gallery and then tap on HD setting and select the HD resolution. But WhatsApp has now eliminated this hassle and now Android beta users can send HD media as default.

The latest beta update of WhatsApp for Android, version, brings with it a very important change. Beta users can now automatically send HD media to others. No more fiddling with HD settings, you can send HD photos with a single tap.

WhatsApp’s new beta update adds a new setting to the app that lets users choose the default media upload quality. Users can choose to have either standard quality or HD quality. The first one is faster to send but the photo will be completely compressed. The latter option will offer higher resolution and file sizes up to 6 times larger (though still not full resolution).

If you choose HD quality as the default, you can automatically send photos in HD quality to the app. Let’s see how you can set HD quality as default for photos and videos on WhatsApp.

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Steps to set default HD quality for photos on WhatsApp:

step 1: First of all, you have to update the WhatsApp app on your Android phone to the latest version. Note that to get the latest beta update, you need to sign up for the beta version of WhatsApp, which in this case is

Step 2: If you are on the latest beta update, open the app and go to Settings.

Step 3: Now, tap on Storage & data.

Step 4: Here you will see a new option ‘Media Upload Quality’. Tap on it.

Step 5: Now here, click on HD quality and then tap on Save.

Now, you will be able to send HD photos and videos by default. To send HD media on WhatsApp, follow the steps given below…

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Steps to send HD quality photos on WhatsApp:

step 1: For this, open the chat in which you want to send HD photo/video.

Step 2: Tap the attachment icon (which looks like a paperclip).

Step 3: Now, tap on Gallery.

Step 4: Now select the photo/video from here which you want to send in HD quality.

Step 5: The photo will now be automatically uploaded in HD quality and you will not need to make it HD manually. Just tap Send to send the HD quality photo.

In this way, you can easily send HD quality media by default on WhatsApp.

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