Ordered a phone worth Rs 22,000 from Flipkart, found such items in the box, surprised the customer as well as the company! , flipkart fake delivery

Flipkart accused of delivering stones instead of phones.Image Credit Source: twitter.com/abhishek_patni

Fake delivery of phones on Flipkart: Nowadays people like to order goods online. Favorite items can be ordered right from home and home delivery is also available. But sometimes something happens to the customers which they have never even imagined. You must have heard many times that a customer ordered a phone and during delivery he got stones instead of the phone. This incident has happened once again. This time, a person from Ghaziabad has become the victim of fake delivery, who had ordered the phone from Flipkart.

Flipkart is a famous e-commerce, from here you can order different types of products online. now Flipkart Like buying goods from online marketplaces has become enough. But many times the problems of customers increase due to receiving wrong goods. What happened to the person from Ghaziabad surprised not only the person but also the company.

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The matter heated up on social media

A user on social media platform X (earlier Twitter) has mentioned this incident. On X, the user wrote that a customer from Ghaziabad ordered a smartphone worth about Rs 22,000 from Flipkart. When the delivery box reached the man, instead of a phone, there were stones in it. As soon as he saw the stone, the customer realized that something had gone wrong with him.

The customer had purchased Infinix Zero 30 5G smartphone from Flipkart. Its color variant was Golden Hour, which had 256GB internal storage. The biggest problem was that when the customer tried to return the order after the stone came out, Flipkart rejected the return. After this the customer’s troubles increased further.

Flipkart gave this answer

When this matter went viral on social media, Flipkart was forced to respond. Responding to X user’s post, the e-commerce platform said, “We never want you to get something other than what you have ordered. To assist you further, please provide order details in private chat so that it remains confidential. waiting your answer.”

While replying, Flipkart also warned the customer. The company said that do not respond to the accounts running wrong and fake social media handles in our name. The company has refused to share anything with such accounts.

The issue of ordering stones instead of phone has become quite viral on social media. Many people have also shared their experiences. A user from the handle @savanurvX wrote that exactly the same thing happened with him. The faulty product was never replaced or returned. The user accused Flipkart of being a fraud.

Flipkart Return Policy (Credit: Flipkart)

Flipkart’s return policy

According to Flipkart’s return policy, there is a 7-day service center replacement/repair facility for Apple, Google, Motorola, Infinix, Redmi, Mi, Vivo, Poco, Realme and Samsung phones. Flipkart clearly says that it is only a platform from where you can buy goods online. The seller and the brand are responsible for the replacement of defective devices of these brands.

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