Play your favorite song to your followers on Instagram, just set this setting in your profile picture. Instagram profile picture add music

Put song on Instagram DP

Nowadays everyone uses Instagram and many of them are also content creators on Instagram. If you are also active on Instagram and use every feature available on the platform, then you will also like this feature very much. By now you must have posted your photos, stories and songs on reels. Now you can put a great song on your Instagram profile photo also. With this, whenever someone opens your profile picture, he will get to listen to the song set by you.

To set a song on your Instagram profile picture, you will have to add this to your profile settings. For this follow these easy steps.

Put a song on Instagram’s DP like this

For this you just have to go to your Instagram profile. After this, click on the option of edit profile, scroll down a bit and music option will be shown, click on it. You will be shown a list of many songs on the screen, otherwise you can search by writing the song in the search bar. Now you can select any song of your choice and set it on the profile picture. After this, whenever someone visits or opens your profile, he will get to hear a funny song.

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Now some of you might be asking why this option is not showing on your profile? Let us tell you that if you want to enjoy this feature, then keep one thing in mind that you will get this fun option only when your Instagram is updated. Therefore, if you are not able to see this option on your Instagram profile, then go to Google Play Store and update your Instagram.

trending audio on instagram

If you create reels on Instagram but they do not go viral, then this feature will make your work easier. Here we will tell you how you can put trending audio on your reel. After this the chances of your reel going viral increase.

Follow this process

For this you just have to go to your Instagram profile and click on Professional Dashboard. If you come down here, you will see the option of trending audio. Click on this option. After this you will find many trending audio shows here. You can select any one of these songs, using these songs you can make your video viral. This increases the chances of your video reels going viral.

Apart from this, if you do not want to work too hard, then while scrolling the reels on Instagram, watch the audio of the reels carefully. The audios which have an arrow symbol in front of them are trending. With this, you can get a lot of views on your reels also. With these methods you can go viral on Instagram and also make your Instagram profile attractive.

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