Prices have fallen, this Apple Watch is available at the cheapest price, the price is within the budget

Now your dream of buying an Apple Watch can come true. We are saying this because an Apple smartwatch model is currently available at its cheapest price ever on the e-commerce platform. We are talking about Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen). This watch has now become even cheaper in India. Let us tell you that the smartwatch was first launched in September 2022 and its price at the time of launch was Rs 29,900. But now you can buy at this low price. Let us tell you in detail where and at how cheap this smartwatch is available…

Let us tell you that Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) launched for Rs 29,900. [GPS 40mm] Currently available on Amazon for Rs 22,900. That means a full Rs 7000 less than the launch price. But the offer does not end here because you can further reduce its price by taking advantage of bank and exchange offers. Let us tell you that Amazon is offering an exchange offer of up to Rs 20,400 on this smartwatch.

Apart from this, Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) for Rs 34,900 on Amazon[GPS + Cellular 40mm] The model is available for Rs 26,999 i.e. it is available for flat Rs 7,901 less than its launch price. An exchange offer of up to Rs 24,450 is being given on this.

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Apart from this, Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) launched for Rs 32,900 [GPS 44mm] Currently, the flat is available on Amazon for only Rs 25,499 i.e. Rs 7,401 less. An exchange offer of up to Rs 23,900 is available on this. of 44mm [GPS + Cellular फिलहाल स्टारलाइट और मिडनाइट कलर ऑप्शन में आउट ऑफ स्टॉक दिखाई दे रहा है, हालांकि स्लिवर/व्हाइट कलर में इसकी कीमत 28,499 रुपये है।

बता दें कि, Apple Watch SE (2nd Ge) में एक प्रीमियम एल्यूमीनियम केस मिलता है। यह हार्ट रेट मॉनिटरिंग, क्रैश डिटेक्शन, फिटनेस और स्लीप ट्रैकिंग के साथ आती है। वॉच में रेटिना डिस्प्ले है और यह वॉटर रेजिस्टेंट भी है। कुल मिलाकर, इस प्राइस पॉइंट पर यह एक पैसा वसूल डील है।

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