Seeing this ad, Bill Gates got the idea of ​​Microsoft, first created this device. Seeing this ad Bill Gates got the idea

Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft.

There is hardly any person who does not know about Bill Gates and Microsoft. If you do not know about these two, then it does not matter, we will tell you. Microsoft is the world’s largest manufacturer of Windows for laptops and computers and Bill Gates is its founding member. There was a time when Bill Gates became the richest person in the world due to Microsoft, currently Bill Gates is at number 8 in the list of top 10 richest people in the world.

Let us tell you that Microsoft makes Windows operating system. Besides, the company also has a search engine named Microsoft Bing, which works exactly like Google. Here we are going to tell you the story of the beginning of Microsoft, in which we will tell why and how Bill Gates named his company Microsoft.

Microsoft’s idea came from a magazine ad

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The story of the beginning of Microsoft company is unique. In 1974, Bill Gates’ friend Paul Allen saw an ad for a microcomputer in a magazine. Alan bought the magazine and came to Harvard and showed it to Bill Gates. After seeing the ad in the magazine, both of them thought of making a basic system. Gates called the computer manufacturer offering a presentation of the system. The company asked both of them to first create an interpreter, which they did in 8 weeks.

Gates became the youngest billionaire

The company liked Allen and Gates’ interpreter. After which both of them got the order to develop the system. It was from here that the name ‘Microsoft’ company was changed to ‘Microsoft’ from ‘Micro’ of microprocessor and ‘Soft’ of software. In 3 years, the company’s sales crossed 10 lakh dollars. After this, the company launched many products, Microsoft went public in 1987 and Gates became the world’s youngest billionaire. With the increasing use of computers, Microsoft continued to grow.

What is an interpreter?

An interpreter is a software and computer program that converts a computer program written in high level language into machine code. Computer understands only machine code, hence it is important that only programs written in machine code are loaded into the computer’s memory. But writing programs in machine code is difficult for humans because only binary numbers 0 and 1 are used in it.

On the contrary, English words are used more in high level language, hence it is easier for us humans to write programs in high level language. Interpreter is used to convert programs written in high level language into machine code. Software and programs that convert high level language into machine language are called translators. There are mainly two types of translators: compiler and interpreter. Although both do the same thing, they convert high level language programs into machine code. But there is some basic difference between the two.

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