Smart replay system introduced in IPL 2024, these 10 technologies changed the face of cricket. IPL 2024 smart replay system top 10

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Not only in India, there is a craze for IPL all over the world. This time BCCI has started using smart replay system to take better decisions. Under this, every nook and corner of the cricket stadium is kept under close surveillance through eight high-speed cameras. This makes it easier for the umpires to take the right decision. Apart from the smart replay system, 10 such technologies are used in cricket which have changed the style of this game.

The experience of playing and watching cricket has improved with these 10 technologies. If you are also a fan of cricket and keep a close eye on the matches, then it will be very interesting to know about these technologies. These include things like Hawk Eye to Spidercam. technology Which are used extensively in cricket.

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10 technologies used in cricket

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1. Smart Bells and Stumps: In cricket, a camera is installed between the stumps on the pitch. Apart from this, a speaker remains buried in the ground behind the stump. With its help, right decision can be taken after being run out.

Smart Bells and Stumps (IPL)

If the ball hits the stump directly from the bowler’s hand, it is detected and the speaker installed behind the stump helps in deciding whether the batsman is out or not. Apart from this, the LED of smart bells starts burning when it hits anything.

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2. Snickometer: This technology works when the ball leaves the bowler’s hand and the snickometer records the sound from the time the ball hits the pitch till it hits the batsman’s bat. Sometimes this technology proves to be very useful when the ball passes very close to the bat. The snickometer tells whether the ball has touched the bat even slightly or not.

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3. Ball Spin RPM: This technology is especially used for spinners. How much does a spin bowler spin the ball? How much does the ball swim after it leaves the bowler’s hand? This technology tells it minute by minute. With this we come to know about the rotation of the ball on TV.

4. Hawk Eye: Hawk Eye’s job is to give the LBW decision. This shows whether the ball has actually hit the stump or not. 6 cameras are installed to check this.

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When the bowler bowls, these 6 cameras track the path of the ball and create 6 different 3D images, then the umpire takes the decision from all of them. This work is done in seconds.

5. SpiderCam: You must have seen lantern-like cameras many times in matches. These cameras are called spidercams and you must be aware of drones i.e. flying cameras. Nowadays they are being used in cricket also.

Its job is to keep an eye on the cricket match from above. Spidercam can move from one place to another with the help of cables and wires and can show us the review of sixes and shots.

SpiderCam and Umpire Cap (Social Media/X)

6. Umpire Camera: You will be surprised to know that the cap worn by the umpire also has a camera in it. Umpires use it for review. You must have seen many times that when the ball passes near the umpire, it is clearly visible, all this is the miracle of the camera installed in the umpire’s cap.

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7. Graphics Package: The score board that is shown to us on TV is made of graphics package. In this, special packages are made for the match. In this way the audience is given information about the match score, batsman’s record and career.

8. Hotspot: This is a trick in which reviews are shown in black color. If the ball touches the bat anywhere, a white spot is formed there. This shows which part of the bat the ball has touched.

9. Pitch Vision: Pitch vision shows which batsman has played which ball. With this technology, every ball thrown in the match is monitored.

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This also reveals the shortcomings of both the batsman and the bowler and what their weaknesses are. With this, both batsman and bowler can improve their performance.

10. Speed ​​Gun: You must be aware that the record of throwing the fastest ball in the world is in the name of former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar. Shoaib bowled the ball at a speed of 161.3 kilometers per hour. Speed ​​gun is a technology which tells how fast the bowler has bowled the ball.

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