Solar Eclipse 2024: Solar eclipse can damage your smartphone, NASA warns

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Taking photos of the solar eclipse can damage your smartphone.

NASA warning on solar eclipse 2024: In India, solar eclipse and lunar eclipse are given a lot of importance. Many auspicious works are done and stopped keeping the solar and lunar eclipse in mind. The first solar eclipse of the year is going to occur tomorrow i.e. on 8th April. Surya Grahan Timing will start from 8:12 pm tomorrow night while it will last till 2:22 am in the morning. If you are excited about the solar eclipse and want to click photos of this astronomical phenomenon from your smartphone, then you should be careful.

Let us tell you that a solar eclipse is a phenomenon in which the Moon comes in front of the Earth and the Sun, causing darkness on the Earth. We all have been hearing and understanding this since our childhood days that no eclipse should be seen with our naked eyes. The harmful rays emanating from the eclipse can harm the eyes. That’s why many people are preparing to take photos of the solar eclipse with their smartphones. Now a warning has been issued by NASA for such people.

keep your smartphone safe

Solar eclipse can be harmful for our eyes and it can also harm our smartphones. Just as we take measures to protect our eyes during an eclipse, in the same way we need to protect our smartphones too.

NASA said a big thing regarding Surya Grahan

Meanwhile, famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee posted a post on his X handle. In this post he wrote – Till date I have not received an answer as to whether the phone’s camera sensor can be damaged by taking photos of the solar eclipse with a smartphone? A surprising reply was given by NASA on this post of Marques.

Responding to Marques, NASA, citing its photo department, wrote that taking photos of the solar eclipse with a smartphone camera can damage the camera sensor. NASA also suggested a solution to keep the phone’s camera sensor safe. NASA said that Eclipse Glasses must be installed in front of the lens to protect the camera sensor from the dangerous rays of the solar eclipse. With this your phone will remain completely safe.

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