Someone’s messages are troubling you on WhatsApp, this is how you will get relief without blocking.

Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is used by millions of users every day and has the largest userbase in India. Obviously, crores of messages are sent on WhatsApp every day and it is not necessary that every message is useful. If you are being irritated or harassed by messages from a contact who cannot be blocked, then a special feature can be useful to you.

If messages from an unknown person bother you, they can be blocked immediately. At the same time, if someone present in the contact list is irritating or harassing you by sending such messages repeatedly, which you do not want or cannot block, then the situation becomes difficult. In such situations, the Mute feature can help you. Let us know how to use it.

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Get relief from annoying chats like this

Someone’s messages irritate you only when your notifications come again and again. With the mute feature, notifications of any chat stop being received. You can mute the chat by following the steps given below.

– First of all update and open WhatsApp.

– Long tap on the chat you want to mute.

– After long tap, you will see Mute icon along with archive button, tap on it.

– You will be asked for how long you want to mute the chat, you will have to choose the time for which you do not want notifications of new messages from 8 hours, 1 week or Always option.

– Now no matter how many messages the other person sends you, notifications will not be sent and you will not face any problem.

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You can open the chat and read the messages whenever you want. Apart from this, you can unmute the chat anytime and you will start getting notifications again. At the same time, if you disable Read receipts by going to Privacy Settings, then the other person will not see the blue tick on the message and will not know whether you have read the messages or not.

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