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Popular home appliances brand Dreame, associated with the ecological chain of the giant company Xiaomi, has recently launched its new wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the Indian market. Its name is Dreame H12 Core and its price is Rs 19,999. The company claims that the advanced technology used in the wet and dry vacuum cleaner Dream H12 Core makes your cleaning process easier. The company also sent this vacuum cleaner to us for review. We used it for about 15 days, so let us know how was its performance…

Perfect for cleaning hard floors
The look and build of Dreame’s wet and dry vacuum cleaner H12 Core is quite premium. In the box you get charging base, handle, main body, cleaning brush, power adapter and multi purpose floor cleaner. There are no small parts in the H12 Core, so its setup is very easy. You just have to attach the handle to the main body of the H12 Core and it is completely ready to use. This wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Dream has been designed for cleaning hard floors.

LED display gives important information
Dream H12 Core comes with a lightweight design. A roller brush is provided at its bottom. Dream H12 Core is very easy to use. Sensors in the H12 core identify dirt on the floor and adjust suction and water flow accordingly. This wet and dry vacuum cleaner cleans the garbage and liquid spread on the floor very easily. An LED display is provided near the handle of the H12 Core, which shows the battery status, cleaning status and operating mode. Additionally, voice messages also tell you about the device, making the cleaning process much smoother.

H12 Core comes with two cleaning modes
Dream Technology’s Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner H12 Core comes with two cleaning modes: automatic and suction. Three buttons are provided in the handle of the vacuum cleaner. The handle has a power button. Apart from this there is a button to change modes. The third button is to start self-cleaning during charging. The company claims that the H12 Core offers 25 minutes of battery life after full charge. In our testing, we found that its battery life is only around 25 minutes. If we talk about charging, it takes a little more than 3 hours to fully charge the Dream H12 Core.

2 water tanks are provided in the vacuum cleaner.
Dream Technology’s wet and dry vacuum cleaner H12 Core has two water tanks. The clean water tank is of 500ML, while the used water tank is of 900ML. HEPA filters are provided in the used water tank, which prevents dirt from being released into the air during the cleaning process. We found the performance of the H12 core to be quite impressive during our testing. It cleanly removes dirt and stains from the floor.

Buy or not…
In our testing, the performance of Dream Technology’s dry and wet vacuum cleaner H12 Core has been excellent. It is perfect for cleaning hard floors. If you are also looking for the best floor-cleaning solution without putting any effort, then H12 Core can be a good option for you.

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