This basic feature found in even the cheapest Android phones is not available in iPhone, what is the reason? Pattern lock feature not

iPhone doesn’t have Patter Lock for security feature

iPhone is the choice of most users due to its premium look and features. iPhone is a phone which almost everyone wants to buy. People save money for months to buy an iPhone and then fulfill their dream. But you will be surprised to know that such a feature is not available in iPhone which is easily available in even the cheapest Android phones. Now you might be wondering what is this feature? Let us tell you that this feature is nothing but the security pattern found in Android phones.

Even the most expensive iPhones do not have the pattern lock found in Android. iPhone users can only use passcode or fingerprint. These users do not get a chance to set pattern lock. After all, why doesn’t Apple provide this common feature in its phones? Read complete details about this.

Pattern lock is not available in iPhone

Apple does not provide the feature of pattern unlock in iPhone, pattern unlock is an easy feature which every person can easily use and remember. It is not easy for people who are not educated to remember numbers. But pattern lock can be remembered. Now when this is such a simple feature then why is it not available in iPhone?

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When research was done on password security, it was revealed that pattern unlock is easier to remember than passcode. According to this, if someone around you unknowingly or intentionally sees you unlocking the pattern of the phone, then he/she easily remembers it in his/her mind.

It can be easy for anyone to remember the pattern unlock. People find it difficult to remember the passcode. Therefore, Apple does not consider the pattern unlock feature as safe and does not provide the pattern lock feature in any of its iPhones.

How to set passcode in iPhone

Although most of the people know how to set passcode in iPhone, but those who do not know, they can set the password in their iPhone by following this process.

  • For this, first of all on iPhone X and later variants or iPad with Face ID, go to Settings, then click on Face ID and Passcode. On older iPhone models, click Touch ID & Passcode, click Turn Passcode On.
  • After this, enter a passcode of 6 numbers, if you want to enter any other type of passcode, then you can select the passcode option switch to – Numeric Code, Custom Numeric Code and Custom Alphanumeric Code.

iPhone Passcode Setting Feature

Difficult to remember passcode once or twice

You can change this passcode whenever you want and set a passcode of your choice. This makes your iPhone more safe in terms of security. If people see you unlocking your phone, they will find it difficult to remember your passcode. Set a strong passcode for the safety of your iPhone.

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