This is how you will get the stamp of paid partnership on Instagram stories, posts and reels. Instagram Paid Partnership Story post and

Paid partnership label on instagram

Often you must have seen paid partnership label on Instagram, reels and posts. Partnership post, Story Reel is different than normal post. In this, your post gets labeled as paid partnership. If you also want to set these labels on your posts, stories and reels, then you can do it easily. For this you just have to follow these steps. After this, the label of paid partnership will start appearing on stories, posts and reels.

paid partnership label

This label is applied when you promote a product on your profile. Now if you also want to set this label, then for this you will have to switch your account to a business or professional account. To switch to a business account, first of all open your Instagram profile and click on the three lines in the right corner. Click.

After this go to the settings option. Click on Account and scroll down. After doing this, click on Switch to Professional Account. Now click on Continue and fill the remaining required details. Finally select either Creator or Business. In this you can also select creator. Now read below how you can add paid partnership label to your story.

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Paid partnership label in story

  • Follow these steps to add paid partnership label while creating a new story on Instagram. For this, first open Instagram and click on +Your Story.
  • Click on photo/video for story. Go to the Tags icon and enable the Paid Partnership label. Now type the username of the person or brand you want to tag. When the results appear, click on the add option.
  • A pop-up will appear on the screen, click on Continue. Go to Next and then click on the Done option once again. Now click on Your Story to post the story, after this the story will be posted with paid partnership.

Paid partnership label on post

Open the Instagram app and click on New Post, click on the photo to select it and click on Next. Next again, write a caption on the post and scroll down and go to Advanced Settings. Here, scroll down and enable the Ad Paid Partnership label. Add brand partner. Write the name of the person you want to tag in the post and add it. Click Next, Done and do a Back. Now finally click on share post.

Like stories and posts, you can also add paid partnership labels to your reels. For this also you will have to repeat the process mentioned above but this time you will have to go to the reels section. After following this process, now you can also put paid partnership label on your Instagram posts, reels and stories.

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