This Lohalat phone impressed, kept working even in water

By launching its Lohalat phone, Samsung has ended the tension of those people who are afraid of their phone breaking. We are talking about Samsung Galaxy XCover7. Recently Samsung has launched this phone in the Indian market. This is the company’s first enterprise-exclusive phone and is specially designed for people who work in the field, in simple words, for frontline workers. It can be used safely even in tough conditions. It would not be wrong to call it Samsung’s rugged phone because neither does it break if it falls from a height, nor does it stop working if it is immersed in water.

We will get a chance to review this phone. Let us tell you how our experience was…

First of all know what will be found in the phone box

Apart from the phone, the box also includes a removable battery, Type-C to Type-C cable and some documents, which includes a quick start guide. To turn on this phone, first of all, insert the removable battery and SIM card in it. There was no SIM ejector tool in the box. You will also have to buy the charger separately.

How does the phone look?

We got the black color option for review, which is its only color variant. The phone is really beautiful to look at. There is a great display on the front, while there is a unique looking back panel on the back. The design given in the back panel provides excellent grip, due to which the phone does not drop or slip from the hands.

There is only one rear camera in the back, around which there is orange colored housing. Just below it there are two small lights, one of which works as a flash and the other lights up when the torch is on. Its torch is really powerful and will be very useful for you in the dark.

There is a unique action button on the left side of the phone, around which an orange colored housing is also provided. This action button can be customized to perform different tasks as per the need, such as turning on the camera, turning on the torch, opening the calculator or anything else.

The power button is found on the ride side along with the volume rocker. On the same side as the grip is provided on the rear panel of the phone, on the same side, the phone also has a grip-like design on all four sides, due to which it does not easily slip out of your hands. Overall, we really liked the phone’s appearance.

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strength fanned

This is a rugged phone from Samsung, which comes with 5G support. Its strength can be gauged from the fact that it will neither break if it falls nor get damaged if it is immersed in water. Actually, the phone comes with MIL-STD-810H certification, which tells about its strength in harsh environments. Actually, this is a test model designed by the US Army.

Apart from this, even if the phone falls from a height of 1.5 meters, nothing will happen to it. Not only this, this phone also comes with IP68 rating i.e. even if immersed in 1.5 meter deep water for 30 minutes, nothing will happen to the phone but in clean water. Apart from this, the phone is also protected from dust, mud and sand.

You can also clean it with sanitizer and it is designed in such a way that even a sudden drop will not affect it. However, the company has instructed not to use it in the beach or pool.

The display is also big and strong

The phone has a 6.6-inch display, which supports 60 Hz refresh rate. This display supports 1080×2408 i.e. Full HD Plus resolution and it has a PLS LCD panel. The phone has a touch sensitive display, when you are on the field, even if your hands are a little dusty, it gives you a smooth touch response even at that time.

You can even use it wearing gloves provided it is not too thick. You can operate it even with wet hands, just its touch will not work under water, because underwater touch is not available in it. This phone has the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus Plus and the display of the phone remains safe even after falling from a height of 1.5 meters.

Long battery life too

Another good thing is that the phone comes with a removable battery pack. Its advantage is that if its battery runs out completely, you can immediately continue using it by inserting another battery, but for this you must have an extra battery, otherwise the work will get spoiled. This phone has a 4050 mAh battery.

For charging, it also has a Type-C port along with a Pogo pin, which means you can charge it with 15W fast charging support and can also charge it with a Pogo charger. It can comfortably last for two days on full charge.

However, battery life will also depend on your usage pattern. If you use it heavily, the battery will drain quickly. The company has claimed that a full charge will provide 85 hours of audio playback time and 38 hours of talk time. With full charge you can watch videos and use the internet for hours. A 3.5 mm audio jack is also provided at the top, with the help of which you can enjoy hands-free calling and music on earphones.

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Camera and RAM also powerful

The company has specially designed it to work in tough conditions. Although this is not a photography focused phone, still you will be able to do good photography with it. Actually, the phone has only one rear camera, which comes with a 50-megapixel lens and it comes with up to 10x digital zoom and autofocus support.

For selfies, the phone has a 5-megapixel camera and there is no autofocus support. OIS is not supported in either the front or rear lenses. Yes, you will get a flash in the rear, so that you will be able to take photos even in the dark. Both front and rear cameras come with a ton of camera modes, which include Fun, Portrait, Pro, Food, Night, Panorama, Slow Motion and Hyperlapse.

Samsung has launched the phone in a single configuration. It has 128GB storage with 6GB RAM. Storage can be increased by 1TB with microSD card. Weighing 240 grams, this phone works on Android 14 OS and is equipped with an octa-core processor.

The company will also provide the Galaxy XCover7 with four OS upgrades and up to 5 years of security updates to keep your data safe through Samsung Knox. Connectivity features like NFC, Bluetooth version 5.3, Wi-Fi Direct, 5G, LTE are supported in the phone. The phone also has speakers with Dolby Atmos support.

This is the price of the phone

The company has launched it in two different variants named Standard and Enterprise. In the Indian market, the price of its standard variant is Rs 27,208 and the price of enterprise variant is Rs 27,530. The company is offering 12 months subscription of Knox Suite on Enterprise Edition. Apart from this, customers are also being given 1 year warranty on Standard Edition and 2 years warranty on Enterprise Edition.

buy or not

Samsung Galaxy XCover7 is specially designed for people who work in the field where they need a rugged phone. Galaxy XCover7 helps increase the productivity of such frontline workers. It has many features which make their work easier. As we have mentioned, the phone is known for its strength. If you are also looking for a similar phone that too with 5G support, then you can definitely consider buying it.

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